How to Write Your Own Story, Part 2 of 5

Hi again, writing friend. You have a story to tell, and that story is important. Remember that.

In part one of this series, I wrote about the fact that when we are given a story, we are then tasked to write for an audience of One. The One. If we think about that One audience as we sit down to type out the words, we can focus on what really matters. 


What God is laying on your heart is the most important thing to write.

What’s the ministry you have?

For me, the burning passion is to see other believers free from the bondage of religious behavior and hope shifting. It doesn't just permeate the narrow community in which we dwelled throughout the time period covered in Lost & Found; it's insidious, and exactly what the enemy likes to see us wrap ourselves all up in. Idolatry = bondage, and Jesus + nothing = freedom. See? I'm passionately mentioning my passion in a post about your passion!

I can talk about my passion anywhere. Is your passionate topic like that for you, too? If so, you've got to get that down on paper or onto your computer! The combination of God letting you know that He has something for you to write and the passion you have for that topic is an unbeatable brew of God's goodness. 

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