How to Write Your Own Story, Part 3 of 5

Welcome back! 

In part one of How to Write Your Own Story, we talked about who our audience is. In part two, we discussed passion. Now on to part three!


Grab every moment you can.

You are an author. Do you believe it? Until you consider yourself a professional — whether or not you make money doing this job — you won't carve out the time to write what you know needs to be written.

It was difficult for me to call myself an author, even after a decade of blogging that brought me some side income. I wasn't writing for money and always had ministry as the goal, and somehow in my mind, that limited the legitimacy of what I was doing. Once I started to call myself an author, I could give myself permission to work on the projects I had bobbing around in my head,

So what will you require, author? A quiet house? A retreat? A half hour while waiting for your kids in their piano lessons, a coffee shop with earbuds in? What about a laptop? A stash of favorite pens? Graph paper? 

Whenever you can and whatever you need, grab it. You are a legitimate author with a story to tell, an audience of the highest importance, and a passion to put it on paper!

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