How to Write Your Own Story, Part 1 of 5

Hey, writing friend, this series is for you. Even if you've never written anything for others to read, this is the series that I'm hoping will lend a little fuel to your fire, or give you some rudimentary tools for getting your story - your beautiful story - on paper. 


You have one audience.

While it's absolutely true that we bloggers and authors need to give our readers what they're looking for, if God has asked you to write something, then He is the only audience that matters. Write with Him in mind.

You have to believe, with all your heart, that the story God has written as your life and the actual writing down of that story is important just in the telling and the reading to and by the people God wants to hear it. Our stories are no less important if they encourage and disciple the one person or the million.

Answer the following questions as you sit down to begin writing your story:

  • What is it you have burning in your heart to share? What is the message you are passionate about?
  • Why does your story matter?
  • What did God teach you through your experiences?
  • Can you be content knowing that despite your best efforts to publish and promote, this book will be read by exactly who God wants to read it?

You have one audience for which to write the story He's already written on your heart.

Begin to build your own Write Your Own Story notebook with free printables to help you as you get started.