Lost and Found Launches Today!

Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace

Thank you all for your support as my new book officially launches today. I am so blown away by the comments you've already left me on Facebook, in my inbox, and across my texts. God is continuing to use this story to change us all!

Win Two Signed Copies of Lost and Found

As we discussed the launch of the book, the publisher's PR team suggested a local launch party, but I thought it would be better to celebrate with you all - my readers - instead. So let's party and give away a couple of copies! Enter to win your own signed copy and one for a friend. Party on!

(If you're not seeing the entry form in your inbox, click through to enter to win your copies.)

Be a Crucial Part of My Launch Team

There are a few ways that you can be a part of the Lost and Found launch team, and none of them will cost you a dime:


Tell all your friends, family, and neighbors about Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace. Even better? Buy them a copy! (That will cost you a dime, but it will be fun.)


Follow my Author Kendra Fletcher page on Facebook. You can get all kinds of goodies there: a free study guide, beautiful graphics to download, and live Q and A sessions with me coming up next week!


Once you've read the book, please go leave a review on Amazon. Once Amazon sees a growing number of reviews, they make sure the book gets in front of more customers. That's just the way it works. My intention is to see the gospel go out - to see readers find glorious freedom in Jesus Christ! 

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart.

That time when my big brothers made me into a fish.  -Kendra

That time when my big brothers made me into a fish.  -Kendra