Wedding Undone


I know everyone is wondering why our son's wedding last week was called off just 5 days before the event. I know you all have been gracious and kind and not-nosey, and I am thankful. 

It's a tale loaded with sin and selfishness and ugly issues, and there's guilt all over the place, and we're not pointing any fingers (some of them point to us, you know?). But it's also a tale of forgiveness and sorrow and joy and pain and a path to redemption.

I'm learning. I'm learning that there is no perfection, and I knew that but I didn't know that.  So many years of polishing myself to look pretty to bystanders left me scoffing at the journey, not wanting to admit that we mess up, repeatedly. Even us Christ-followers.

But don't you see? That's why we need the perfection of Jesus. Even us lifelong disciples. Even us.  

And can we give others a wide berth? I'm telling you, if I hear someone else say that they thought so-and-so was a Christian after learning of a sinful failure, I might explode. And you? You are so perfect?  

No. We are all sinners, and our only distinction is the bright shining beauty of our Savior. Only Him.  

So just expect to blow it, okay? And expect to see others you love blow it. And reel. And ache. And walk a long, difficult path to healing.

That's where we are now, on that path, and we would appreciate your prayers.  While Satan meant all of this for evil, God is scoffing as He pulls the loveliness up out of the ashes.