In a Year Where Things Just Fall Apart


It's been a year where things have just fallen apart. Ever have one of those? Or a season?  

First there was a book. There still is a book, but at the beginning of 2013, there was great excitement and a publishing director who said things like, "You're not a one-book author" and a literary agent and hope for publication. 

But by June the publishing house decided I was a risk (a "homeschool platform" apparently doesn't count) and the agent told me she'd bitten off more than she could chew this year and she was dropping me, too. 

It just fell apart. I laughed a little, cried a little, and then remembered the original vision for Mighty God: How We Find Freedom in the Power of the Gospel. I wrote it for my readers, those thousands of sweet people like you who don't count because I'm a homeschool blogger ;)  

It will get published. We're just seeking God for exactly how. 

And then our second son dreamed of a university and he gained acceptance there. He forged a path, but he was short on finances and his wise grandfather helped him to see that amassing nearly a hundred thousand dollars in debt was not a good move when you're 18. Or ever.

May I just say something here? This is a well-established, well-respected Christian university, and when Nate spoke to his admissions counselor about financing options, she said, "Just take out loans. That's what we all do." Come again?

What, I'd like to know, is that university going to give a student that is so incomparable, it surpasses the wisdom of Scripture, which clearly warns that debt is a curse? You don't even have to be a Christian to recognize that. 

You know, too, about our oldest son's wedding. It fell apart 5 days before it was supposed to happen. It's October now, but we've been riding the ripples since July, and this one feels like it will go on for awhile. A long while. 

What's a family to do? 

These are stories of the fall, but they began with creation, took a nosedive into what seems like depression, and now we wait and watch for redemption and reconciliation. Those last two will come. That's the meta-narrative -- the grand story -- of Scripture, and we can see it in our own small stories as well. Creation, fall, redemption, reconciliation. 

Won't you wait and watch with us? We're looking for Jesus in the midst of the rubble. He's shown up at every turn, or rather I should say that we've shown up where He is already dwelling. Redemption. Reconciliation. That's my Jesus, and He will redeem the year that fell apart.