Marty Machowski

This Week's Read: Wise Up: 10 Minute Family Devotions in Proverbs

Yep. There is an affiliate link below.

Ah, the family devotional. It sounds so great, so we buy the book, set it next to our plate at dinner, and then . . . reality hits. The toddler is hijacking the deep discussion, the teens are daydreaming, and mom is falling asleep because it's been a long, long day.

And you thought it only looked like that in your home. Uh, no. Family devotions can be really difficult to pull off with any regularity and enthusiasm, and you aren't the only one struggling.

Is there another way? How about an author who has a lot of kids of all ages, loves God's Word and encouraging families to soak it in together, but also writes in a way that keeps everyone engaged? He exists!

We recently interviewed author Marty Machowski on the Homeschooling in Real Life podcast, and it's good. But what we're loving so much in our home right now is his family devotional, Wise Up: 10 Minute Family Devotions in Proverbs.

Ten minutes. Yep. And the text is engaging and the questions are good! Even our teens will listen and engage, while the 10-year-old thinks as he answers, and Mighty Joe tries. I love the recalibration at the end of the day, too. It's a winner for all.