Britt Merrick

This Week's Read: Godspeed

Sometimes as believers, just figuring out why God has us where He has us is half the battle, isn't it? A young mom might feel trapped and useless in and amidst days overflowing with diapers and the ever-present dirt and mess that accompanies the raising of small children. At the same time, the truck driver nearing retirement age might be struggling to understand why a door to reaching others around him seems firmly shut. 

The dentist can feel largely ineffective, as can the clothing store manager, the teacher, and the college student. If each of us is supposed to be living with a mission in mind, what exactly does that look like right here, where God has me today?

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I'd been a fan of pastor Britt Merrick's sermons and books when Godspeed: Making Christ's Mission Your Own was released. Britt had been preaching through the pain of the loss of his own daughter Daisy to cancer, and we were battling our personal ills at the time, as well. God let Britt step into our lives just when we needed to hear what he was saying. 

But when Godspeed launched, the Merricks were deep into Daisy's fight with the cancer that eventually claimed her life, and Godspeed went quietly into the bookstores with not a lot of fanfare.

That's unfortunate because Godspeed: Making Christ't Mission Your Own is an excellent, engaging, tightly constructed book that is appropriate and helpful reading for pretty nearly everyone. No joke. We chose to use it with our community group shortly after I read it the first time, and that group could not have been a more eclectic bunch. We were comprised of two middle-aged married couples, three college students, two single moms, two single women, and a high schooler. We had medical professionals, homeschooling moms, administrative assistants, baristas, and one woman awaiting a sentencing for a felony crime. And yet, Godspeed spoke to each of us, individually, right where we were.

Would you, too, like to know how you can be a part of the grand and beautiful plan of redemption? How to recognize the unique mission God has given you? Be encouraged that you have been made for such a time as this? Start here.