Leaving Legalism Book Study

The Leaving Legalism book study is set to start this week over on the Leaving Legalism Facebook page. It’s a closed group, so we can have open discussions that aren’t for the general public.

Here's the reading schedule for our Leaving Legalism book discussion. We will start this Friday, October 19, with a discussion of the intro, which should be easy to get to with a few days' notice. After that, we'll tackle two chapters per week (they're super short!)

LL Reading Schedule.png

How the Leaving Legalism Book Study will work:

  • Each week on Monday, I will be posting questions to ponder and consider for our upcoming Friday discussion

  • I will also post a live video each week to remind you, encourage you, and answer questions

I value the input of each and every one of you. Remember: We are all in process. We are all strugglers. We are all in need of the good news!

Let's make it our goal to love each other well.

Do you need a copy of the book?

You can get a digital copy to read immediately right here. (That’s an affiliate link.) A paperback copy may take a few days to get to you, but you can jump into our study whenever it works for you. We’d love to have you at any time!