Beyond Leaving Legalism: More Resources For Hurting People


Hello, favorite readers!

Now that Leaving Legalism has launched and is in the hands of all kinds of people who needed to hear its message, I wanted to let you know about a few additional resources.

affiliate link (In case you haven’t gotten your copy yet!)

Certainly, once you’ve read the book and worked through the helpful questions, you’ll be left with an additional need to pinpoint the issues that still come up from time to time. I’m not leaving you hanging!

First, a new series of follow-up posts will be coming to your inbox in the next few weeks. I’ll be addressing questions such as, “I left legalism. Now what?”, and “My family has ostracized me. I don’t know what to do about that.” These are tough issues to wrestle with, and my whole goal is to continue to point you back to the gospel and to the Bible for solid answers and reconciliation.

Secondly, there is a private group on Facebook called, appropriately, Leaving Legalism. It is a safe place for discussion, questions, and encouragement. We’d love to have you there. Click the link in the previous sentence or this one right here: Leaving Legalism Facebook Group.

Third, it is my heart’s desire that the message of Leaving Legalism get out to as many people as possible. Because I’m still raising a large family, I am quite guarded about my speaking availability, but I am starting to open up 2019 for conferences, women’s retreats, and one-day events. I’d love to talk to you about yours. Click here for speaking inquiries.

Fourth, speaking of speaking events, my husband Fletch and I will be at Sandy Cove Ministries this February for a weekend marriage getaway, and we’d love to have you there! We’ll be talking lots about hope-shifting and marriage and living free! (Even cooler than us? Andrew Peterson will be the Saturday night concert.)


That’s it! Let’s connect. And if you know someone hurting from the aftermath of legalism, invite them along. There’s room for everyone at this table.