Sticking My Little Toe in the Water

Annes Little Toe.JPG

Mighty God began as a story I was writing for my family, telling the stories of loss and hope and redemption that have challenged and shaped us over the past four years. That was the easy part.

Sticking my little toe in the water and asking about how to publish the book got me the ear of a publisher friend, who then told me to seek out an agent. That wasn't so difficult.

Sticking my little toe once more in the water and meeting with that agent then got me a contract of representation, which led me to a deadline, which has me bouncing back and forth between super duper confidence and utter self-image implosion. The toe goes in the water and the toe gets yanked back out. That's not so simple.

I'm a mite unsteady.

God gently reminds me, though, that sticking my little toe in the water because He has asked me to is the greatest wave I'll ever catch, and that the days where I feel I am losing my grip, sliding into quicksand and gasping for breath are the days where He slips in unannounced and does His thing.

Mighty God is His thing. May I stick my little toe in the water and ask you to pray?