Contending with Discontent

Last night I spoke at a summer series for women called Gospel in Life. It's been an excellent series, presenting topics like marriage, discipleship, and parenting in the bright light of the gospel.

The topic of contending with discontent chose me, as it were, and mostly because I felt the most familiarity with this issue. Don't we all?

There's one simple gospel-centered answer to our discontent:


It will always serve us well to remember Whose we are and what He’s done for us. Instead of us, He has placed Jesus over, around, in, and under, to cover and to answer and to be everything we cannot and are not.

So, when we know that the God of the universe loves us so much that He would scrap every bit of sin- even the stuff we have never let anyone else know about- and pour huge waterfalls of grace over us that leave us clean and perfect to Him, where is there room for discontent?