God is Faithful - I Just Need to Be Reminded (You too?)

Bread Dough.JPG

"Mom, when are we going to go get my hair cut?" She repeats the question, posed at least 6 times since last Tuesday.

My mouth opens to reply and then I catch myself. What was poised to escape my lips wasn't kind.

"Next Friday", I reply with a self-controlled smile and an admonition not to ask again, because, "I'm faithful, honey. You don't need to ask me over and over. I always come through on the things my children need."

She turned away and skipped off out of my bathroom, and I returned to my make-up. Just part of the morning routine. And yet . . .

And yet the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear. "I'm faithful, too."

"I'm faithful, Kendra. You don't need to ask me over and over for the good and perfect gifts that come from above. You are secure here. Covered. Loved."

That bears repeating. My heart strays and tries to find hope elsewhere. I also think that somehow if I don't remind God of my needs, He will forget them. But He doesn't forget us. He is ever mindful, ever caring, ever fashioning our meagerness into His beautiful boldness. Even if we forget to ask at all.