While many things could define my life in terms of how I spend my days, I want most to find my identity in Christ alone, knowing how quickly all the other descriptors can take my focus off the one who has Redeemed my soul. 

Where did I go to school? University of the Pacific. What did I major in? Vocal Performance. I prefer opera over pop and tennis over football (although give me a good San Francisco Giants game any day). Beach over mountains and tea over coffee.

I'm married to the best man I know- Fletch is my friend, confidant, provider, humorist, and lover of Jesus. There are also 8 fun-loving children entrusted to this home and growing up (or grown up already) here.

Blogging and podcasting at HomeschoolingIRL, where my husband Fletch and I tackle the not-so-pretty and the very good of homeschooling with humor and tongues in cheek.

Since 2006, it's been a passion and a privilege for me to encourage other moms beginning their homeschool journeys with little ones underfoot.  The Preschoolers and Peace website and blog can be found here.


Each of our 8 children is a gift to us, and each holds a particular place in our hearts ♥ Though the remarkable stories of Mighty Joe, Annesley, and Caroline will be published by New Growth Press in 2017 as a testimony to the grace and freedom that only Jesus can bring, the grander narrative includes our entire family.


Jesus really is everything.